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We usually come to the lake around this time of the year, (September)and have a sort of family reunion. I did not want to cook so I picked up some barbeque and slaw from Ralphs Restaurant in Roanoke Rapids. It was DELICIOUS.
Thanks for having their ad in your directory. We use your directory to find all sorts of useful information including a lovely rental on the lake.
MR, Richmond, Va
We have advertised our business on the Lake Gaston Area Directory Online for the past 4 years and have been very pleased with the results.
We have gained many new customers through your directory and have found it to be a very affordable and effective investment.
You have a customer for life!
Dan Long
Northstar Industries, Littleton, NC

Your Lake Gaston Area Directory Online is to be commended for its simplicity and help when in need. We had company down from New Jersey and friends stopped in from Connecticut as they were on their way back from Florida. We decided to go out to eat dinner and wanted a very special place. Of all the restaurants, Kahills Restaurant looked like the perfect place to dine. We went and were not a bit disappointed. Their ad tells so much more then the yellow pages can and I especially like the color and changing pictures. We will continue to use your directory for other needs, as do other people we know. One of our neighbors from Front Royal needed their boat serviced and wondered if anyone would come to their boat dock. They checked your directory and found Fred's Boat Repair. They contacted them and Fred's came and did the job. They were so pleased. What a wonderful service for those who live at the lake. Thank you, thank you.
Timbuctu on the Lake

I am new in the business, only 2 years, but made the committment in money and time to advertise. It is important to be consistent and "do it" for the long term.

People looking at Lake Gaston and its services keep going back to the Lake Gaston Area Directory Online. I wanted to be there when they clicked on needing a real estate agent. I have done better than ever expected and the hits are unbelievable. My web site is linked to my ad and it has made the difference in my business. At first, it was hard to spend the money when you don't have it, but it was the best decision I made.

Sherry Williams - Associate Broker
Waterfront Properties at Lake Gaston

Gabrielle and the staff at Lake Gaston Area Online Directory--GREAT JOB! Dr.Haight and myself were not at all certain that a webpage would be useful in helping to spread the word about our practice. We were wrong. As of this date, four new families have joined our practice and told us that they found out about us on your Directory. It is likely that several more patients called our office after seeing the ad, but failed to mention it to us. Thanks for your help in designing the page for us.

James E. Crenshaw, DDS

Your directory came in handy when I wanted to call The Pine Cone and did not have a VA phone directory. I found their ad in your directory along with a perfect gift for my sister-in-law. The Pine Cone even had the gift shipped to NY for me.
Your web site site is now one of our permanent bookmarks.
Great store --- Great web site.
Christine Bomar

Love your on line directory. We've thought for a while there was no entertainment around the lake during the winter months.
Since finding your directory, we have found so many things to do! Thanks again, Gabrielle!
The Hudson's

I just found your great web site. Having lived on Lake Gaston over 15 years I thought I was familiar with all the businesses. I'm finding new things every day. I was particularly happy to find that there were so many great restaurants in the area. I'm not too far away from South Hill and had no idea there were so many that sounded good. We'll be sure to try them soon.
Thanks again.
J. Fields

I wanted to thank you for a great directory to Lake Gaston. My company constructed the new Food Lion at Lake Gaston
Thanks, Jay Burnell-
Armada Hoffler Development

Dear Gabrielle and everybody at Lake Gaston Area Directory Online,
Joe and I just wanted to take the time to drop you a note to let you know how pleased we are with the web page you helped us design for our Pier and Boathouse business.
Since we started the company 1 1/2 years ago, our business has taken off.
We feel that a large part of our success is the internet advertising you provide for us.
To date we have had 4 customers decide to use us as their boathouse contractor and many more have told us that upon seeing our website, they have referrred us to friends and neighbors who were in need of a contractor.
Joe and I firmly believe because our web site is so easily accessible and because it looks so professional, we should thank Lake Gaston Area Directory Online for helping to make our business a success.
Thanks again for everything, Gabrielle
Joe and Carole Williams
Lakeland Pier and Boathouse Company, Inc.

We are so pleased to be a part of Lake Gaston Area Directory Online. The response has been terrific! We get at least two or three new people each week who have seen our ad in your directory.

Anne Gregory
Colonial House Furniture
Roanoke Rapids, NC

Mid-Atlantic Eye Physicians has been very happy with the coverage our ad in the Lake Gaston Area Directory Online has given our practice. In the first quarter alone that we advertised in LGADO, we received almost double the hits on our ad as we did on our actual web site. We have found this to be a wonderful new way of advertising at a very affordable price. We recommend the Lake Gaston Area Directory Online to any company, large or small to increase community awareness of their services.
R.R. @ Mid-Atlantic Eye Physicians

One sees so many advertisements for contractors for whom "no job is too large", so I was happy to see a name in your directory for a company that specializes in small jobs. I had a number of small repairs that needed doing and Ray Shirley of Home Improvement and Repair of Lake Gaston did a great job on all of them. I especially like the fact that he did them in a timely manner and his prices were reasonable. Lake Gaston Area Directory Online has proven to be a very useful resource for my whole family.
Monika P. of Lake Gaston

I have submitted a church listing for the Lake Gaston Directory in the name of Olive Branch United Methodist Church in Gasburg, VA. Thank you so much for making this service available to us.
This directory is a great help for everyone because we
all have need for information about the "entire" community, regardless of which side of the state line we may live on.
Many thanks,
Al Lynch, Pastor

If it weren't for and Lake Country Realty, I doubt I would've known there was such a great vacation destination so close to home! I think that a rental on Lake Gaston would be the perfect setting for our next family reunion. Your easy-to-navigate site offers all the resources & info I need to make this a successful & memorable event!
Heidi Y. H. Gury
Raleigh, NC

"I found several firms willing to build a deck for my home at Lake Gaston. One of them is doing the job now. Your online guide is very thorough, easy to negotiate and -- most important for online material -- up to date."
Harvey Powers

We are happy with our decision to publicize the Lake Gaston Baptist Church on the Lake Gaston Area Directory. We wanted to show to the area some of the activities of the Church and the participants taking part. This provides a good avenue of illustrating our ministries to new families and the churchless families as well. We were given good professional help in developing this web site and feel that we have a good working relationship for future publicity.
Tom Harper Chairman,Publicity
I have just visited the Lake Gaston Area Directory Online website for the first time. I found it to be very thorough, quite informative and helpful. I think it can benefit anyone who is looking to relocate to Lake Gaston, or build a second home there.
Tom Rowland
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