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Contents Of An Ad to Be Placed In the
Lake Gaston Area Directory Online
1. Business Name and Address with Zip Code (Include County)
2. Business telephone numbers including main number, Fax and Toll Free.
3. E-Mail Address and Web Site (URL) address if applicable.
4. Logos of your company or products, photos or any other graphics.
Note- All graphics and photos must be furnished in .gif or .jpg format by e-mail or 3-1/2" disc.

What To Specify
1. Background color, fonts and font sizes and colors. (Users download faster when no background color is required)
2. Layout and Positioning of Ad Content. Furnish layout desired, by fax or regular mail.
3. Placement- Specify category and additional categories desired.
New categories will be added per requirements. Each additional category is a ONE TIME charge of $50.
4. If you have a web site (URL), we can custom design a link to blend with your ad.
Link to your site will be centered directly under your ad. There is a ONE TIME charge of $50.
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