Dennis Gilmer's Fishing Report

2009 Fishing Report
Summer fishing on Lake Gaston

Summer Fishing on Lake Gaston

The waters of Lake Gaston are 78 to 84 degrees now. Fish will feed for a shorter time and use deeper water more often. Best fishing will be during low light hours. I like to fish from daybreak to about 10:00 am. Fish will use cover to ambush prey. Points can be the best early morning areas to fish. Top water poppers, walkers and buzz baits can take bass. Carolina rigs using a ĺ oz. weight to pull down a point will work also. Try using 6-10 inch worms and brush hogs. Good colors are green pumpkin, watermelon and red shad.

Catfish are feeding during low light periods also. Cats will feed on points and main lake humps. Big catfish are being caught here weekly. I watched a fisherman catch a 41 lb. fish from a dock the 1st. week of June. Many baits will take catfish and draw a strike such live minnows, liver, ham, cut baits and live shad. There are baits you can buy in bags and jars that work also. Hot dogs cut in to 1-inch pieces and placed in the microwave a few seconds until they are a little tough will draw strike.

Fishing for bass or catfish will not change much until the water starts to cool down in September. Fish shallow early and fish deeper as the sun moves up or higher. Deep means 10 to 25 feet deep. Fish look for cooler water to hold up in during bright day light hours.
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