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Advertising Rates
Annual Rates for 5 Basic Size Ads
Ad Name pixel size w x h Ad Rate and Renewal Average Daily Cost Design Fee* First Year Cost** Ad Name
Mini 290 x 190 $150 41 cents $25 $175 Mini
Bronze 600 x 200 $275 75 cents $60 $335 Bronze
Silver 600 x 300 $350 96 cents $60 $410 Silver
Gold 600 x 400 $400 $1.10 $65 $465 Gold
Jumbo 600 x 600 $600 $1.64 $75*** $675 Jumbo
HOW ABOUT VALUE? In comparison, an area online advertising company sells a banner ad that is 468 x 100 Pixels for $1,000 a year and the design fee is not included. Our 600 x 200 Pixel ad is $275 a year with an initial $60 design fee. Our ad is 256% LARGER and we are $665 a year LESS.

We will do everything we can to hold our low prices for your benefit. Make your presence felt today in the Lake Gaston Area Directory Online.
The mini ad is a text that may have a single graphic or logo. The advertiser can choose font style, font color and background color. Up to a maximum of 4 mini ads will be placed on an advertising page.
* DESIGN FEE applies to first insertion of every ad unless we receive usable copy, that is the exact size of the ad, and it must be submitted by e-mail or 3-1/2 floppy disc as a .gif or .jpg attachment. Usable copy waives the design fee.

** FIRST YEAR COST includes design fee.
Checks made payable to: Web Wise Solutions and sent to PO Box 339, Wise, NC 27594-0339.
***Design fee for the Jumbo ad is $75 so long as the ad is 600 x 600 pixels. There is an additional design charge of $15 for each 100 pixels or part exceeding 600. Any Jumbo ad can exceed 600 pixels with no additional AD charge, but it must not exceed 1,000 pixels in height. Example: A 600 x 1,000 pixels ad would have an ad charge of $600 and a design charge of $135.
URL LINK- If you wish to add a hot link to your web site, check 1 in quantity for each link. We will put a custom designed web banner centered under your ad, that will connect the interested party to your web site. Fee is a one time charge of $50. The design will blend with your ad. There will be no renewal charges on links.

LIVE E-MAIL- We can give you a live e-mail link on your ad for $35.

ADDITIONAL CATEGORIES- If you wish to have your ad linked to other categories, there is a one time charge of $25 for one category, $35 for two additional categories and $5.00 for each additional category. No maximum on categories, but the category must apply to your business. There will be NO renewal charges on established category listings.

E-Mail Us- If you are supplying copy by acceptable methods addressed above, please notify us by e-mail, button below. Use it also for any comments, requests or suggestions.

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