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everything is ending up working out OK, it just seems to take me 5 steps to get ahead 3. I am going to try to make it to church this week, pray that nothing else comes up,

Hi Richard,
I tried to e-mail Mary back but there was some kind of error in her address and it bounced back. I lost yours when my old computer had to go back so I could get the little used car I am driving now. I have not been trying to ignore the phone calls, I have been more than a little overwhelmed lately. I totalled my car in November, then I had car problems with the car I have. Then I ended up with a mild case of the flu after having the flu shot about a month earlier. I am still trying to kick the cough and congestion, it is settled in my lungs a little. I am transferring up to the South Hill Wal-Mart. I will be starting there this Sunday. The driving distance will be 14 miles instead of 36 miles. They also open at 7 am and close at 10 pm verses 6 am and midnight. I am taking 2 classes on-line at SVCC and starting an on-line college that will allow me to earn my B.S. in information technology by February of 2005. The classes are each 5 weeks long so there is a tremendous amount of work to do in them. I have been so tired, every time I try to make it to church my car messes up, or I wreck it, or I get sick. My water pipes froze Sunday before I got home from work. My brother came up to see our Mom and Dad so he came over and helped me get it going again. If it is not one thing going wrong it is another. I went to school today to get my books and they forgot to give me one of them, and then I got an e-mail from my on-line college saying they had yet to receive my transcripts for SVCC. I also have to hand deliver my transfer papers to the South Hill Wal-Mart Wednesday as the personnel did not tell me I had to bring them and I left them with them. I am supposed to start there Sunday, so I have to get the paperwork tomorrow when I go to work and get it to the store up here. Also if the on-line college does not get the transcripts by Feb 2 they will boot me out and still make me pay for the class I am taking.